Yo doodz I am pro hacker Vidhu Kant

Yo. I’m Vidhu Kant. I’m a hobbyist web developer, and I have a confession. I was born at a very young age.
I sometimes make videos, though I haven’t settled down on a theme yet.. My Odysee channel is called MikunoNaka (and here's the YouTube mirror for the non pro hackers out there).
I code whatever I like, but I call myself a web developer because I mostly find myself doing full stack web dev stuff..
And I’m extremely efficient at picking up side projects, writing spaghetti code, and dropping the project after getting frustrated!

About Me

I like libre software, functional programming, customizing stuff and all the weeaboo garbage Japan can offer. I like to joke about being the “CEO” of Weeb Developerz, a developer group for weebs and (primarily web) developers. Apart from programming, I pick up new interests way too quickly and drop them at the same speed, but there’s still a long list of my hobbies that stick around. I hope I’d be able to talk about all of them on my blog.

My other websites

vidhukant.xyz is my only active website. I also have mikunonaka.net and weeb-developerz.xyz I just got the domains because they weren’t very expensive, but they only redirect to here. If you have any ideas tell me! MikunoNaka.net probably will be used for something related to my channel, but weeb-developerz.xyz is supposed to be something like a FOSS community thing, that’d be pretty cool

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